it’s been a weird few days…
between the big earthquake back in nz and my hometown then trying to taper for this ultra, recruiting summer staff and maintaining CS2 to continue to be real and relevant it’s a busy time

earthquake hit me yesterday and cried a little not so much at the destruction (which is BAD) but the human tragedy of it all. feel so hopeless all the way over here. at times couldn’t even string a sentence together yesterday.. thoughts & prayers other places

earthquake anxiety

hard to do anything right now with my peeps hurting so bad back in Christchurch NZ
wish there was more I could do but there isn’t
my family are safe but know that there will be people I know who have lost their life or loved ones lives
Feel Stink!!!

finally tapering

looking forward to tapering for the next 2 weeks
the ‘that’ race finally getting here

still planning on biking and paddling the same amount.

also looking forward to new shoes arriving tomorrow… my feet hurt and ready to retire my current shoes

Clock ticking

well it’s only 2 weeks to my 1st 100 mile ultra and I have lots of mixed feelings about it

wonder why I signed up for this

I’ve done heaps of adventure races some lasting 6 days but what is
it about this race that causes so much