Month: January 2015

It’s not Pennsylvania but

This is a little video I put together on our last weekend in NZ. Not far from my parents house. Mt. Evans 6hr rogaine orienteering race.

Yeah… Ya like that

Well us Humphreys never do things by halves. Move across the world for less than 2 years . . Move back to cold as… Western PA (currently 4oF here, feels like -10F) from the sunniest place in NZ. And yes i still run outside!!!… Continue Reading “Yeah… Ya like that”

This one isn’t bad news… I promise

I know the last one was a real tear jerker and we still find lots of reminders of Cora around. However this one isn’t bad news, i promise you that. This one is filled will joy, gratitude and thankfulness. See photo below and then… Continue Reading “This one isn’t bad news… I promise”

Tied for 1st Place

I write this with more than sadness. Yesterday we lost our sweet Cora. After almost 11 years of overwhelming joy Robin and I had to make the gut wrenching decision to let her go and have her put to sleep. Even now as i… Continue Reading “Tied for 1st Place”