Month: April 2017

The New Normal

The New Normal is a expression that has gained some attention recently. Whether it’s the days getting shorter (or longer) depending on which hemisphere/country you live in. Or a new way of doing business from a Trump Administration. Or perhaps getting outside more with better weather… Continue Reading “The New Normal”

Do we ever…

After safely arriving back home in NZ we have (or what we thought was…) completed a big time of DISCERNMENT for both Robin & I. The “conclusion” of that has led us here. I say “conclusion” because I have sense that the D word never… Continue Reading “Do we ever…”

Our Backyard

Today was a good day! After spending the week in Wellington for meetings with my new co-workers it was nice to get back to the South Island for the weekend. Today dawned a clear day so we headed up into the mountains. Only about… Continue Reading “Our Backyard”