Month: January 2012

My turn this week

With all the travel i have done in the past month i find myself being on the receiving end of leaving with Robin going to PA for 4 days to have her annual visit with several close friends she gradutated from seminary with. So… Continue Reading “My turn this week”

Save the Date

One of the events i had to say no to in 2011 was racing at Adventure Racing World Champs. These were in November in Tasmania. I was invited to race with a team and as much as i tired i couldnt make it work.… Continue Reading “Save the Date”

Fire & Ice

I am home safely in Georgia now after being away for a total of 8 days…. too long!!!! Good to be back home where it is warmer. Well certainly warmer than Minnesota. The rest of the week was fun. The weather really did cooperate… Continue Reading “Fire & Ice”

Ice Ice Baby

Made it to Clearwater Forrest yesterday afternoon, to even colder temps. But warm by their standards. Finished of final pieces of planning for everyone to arrive this afternoon. Was going to run this morning but it is darker longer. But managed to get my… Continue Reading “Ice Ice Baby”

Cold for some

Currently in COLD Minnesota, well really its not, by their standards its really warm. Hmmm. Flew in yesterday to hang out with some friends from adventure racing. Team WEDALI¬† are good friends of ours, and most of them live in Minnesota. As I wait… Continue Reading “Cold for some”

The Cold Gorilla & Elephant

I started my crazy month of travel yesterday driving to Black Mtn, NC and i’m already bac home. it was a quick trip with my job. But is some ways happy for it to be that way because it was soooo cold!!!! this morning… Continue Reading “The Cold Gorilla & Elephant”

I know i know…

Yes its true. i know its been a really long time since i posted. months in fact. and dont want to call this a new years resolution but plan on blogging more this year. Starting now i guess. No point lamenting the past so… Continue Reading “I know i know…”