Cold for some

Currently in COLD Minnesota, well really its not, by their standards its really warm. Hmmm. Flew in yesterday to hang out with some friends from adventure racing. Team WEDALI  are good friends of ours, and most of them live in Minnesota. As I wait at the airport I think about the last 24hrs. We have spent many hours with WEDALI in various races over the years. Humor has us balancing between friends & rivals, but generally more as friends. We have eaten each other’s food, pushed bikes for one another; help each other over rocks, up cliffs etc. while still maintaining a good rivalry.

Was greeted by Justin at airport to quickly go eat lunch and then hit the trail and rides bikes for 2hrs. Again this wouldn’t be normal behavior for this time of year as the original plan was to go cross country skiing but obviously that didn’t work. We rode urban bike trails in & around Minneapolis which was very different for me and my usual appetite of trails and country roads. It was fun to bike downtown, along the frozen Mississippi River, and lots of frozen lakes. Did you know ‘Minne’ in Native American means lake?

From there we retuned back to their condo to get ready to go run & wait for Molly(Justin’s wife and trusty team mate) to return from work & others who would be joining us. Including Erl who is another WEDALI team mate. We ran for about an hour then came home to clean up for dinner.

It was a great day, good to be outside in some colder weather and with some good friends.

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