Month: April 2014

Not Part III

Went for a epic run today… well at least that was the plan. Left home at 545am this morning to run with 2 women i have never meet and might be potential future AR team mates (at least one of them anyway). The plan… Continue Reading “Not Part III”

Part II

As we left the TA we begun the 1st of 2 big treks over Tappi. The route had already changed because of a recent storm dumping a lot of snow on the summit and apparently some tricky ice sections. None of which any teams… Continue Reading “Part II”

Well here it is…Part 1

Its been a while coming but here it is. Part 1 of our GodZone Race last month. I have certainly recovered and if anything have to stop eating at some point and get back into some training. And with my team mates all having… Continue Reading “Well here it is…Part 1”