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 “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious.”

Those words were spoken by Albert Einstein and look where his curiosity got him.

There is no need to acknowledge that we aren’t ever going to be Albert, however there is a curiosity that is within all of us. God-given ever since we were created in God’s image. Curiosity along with the words “what if…” are two of my favorite topics.

That curiosity is in ALL of us, some more apparent than in others. But it’s there

Having worked for the church for over 20 years in various settings ranging from a congregation setting, camp & conference ministry, church based community trust, relating regionally (presbytery) to churches, and now Scripture Union.

My wife Robin (who is an Ordained Pastor) and I have worked together, alongside and indirectly serving the church.

What motivates me…

  • Learning through experiencing
  • The power of listening
  • When people come together to listen to one another and are committed to growing together.
  • The journey of our faith
  • Serving our community by being functioning members of it.

Ministry areas of experience

  • Leading church retreats
  • Empowering and leading volunteer trainings.
  • Speaking to children, youth, young adults
  • Leading children, youth or young adult retreats
  • Initiating young adult intentional communities
  • Using the outdoors and experiential learning to create faith-fill and relevant growth.
  • Speaking to all ages.
  • Working with churches to discover who they are and tangibly move towards how they might connect with their community.
  • Discovering hospitality as a spiritual discipline and what it means for your church.
  • Working with Camp & Conference Center Boards to review, develop ministry plans. Evaluate programs and develop programs.
  • Helping youth, leaders and congregations respond to suicide and sexuality.

The two decades of these experiences have happened both in New Zealand and in the USA. Along with numerous adventures in over 8 different countries both recreationally competitively through the sport of Adventure Racing.

Places of Ministry Served

  • Hope (Hornby) Presbyterian Church, Hornby, NZ
  • Camp and Conference Center, Atlanta Georgia, USA
  • Marlborough Community Development Trust, Blenheim, Marlborough, NZ
  • Camp & Conference Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Pittsburgh Presbytery (PCUSA), USA. 120+ Churches.
  • Scripture Union, NZ

 Find out more about Robin

I have spent the last fifteen years serving God in a variety of roles: as pastor, youth minister, elementary school teacher, mission camp director, university ministry director, community children’s worker, and 24-7 youth worker.  I feel called to work with children, youth, and adults of all ages to discover, and rediscover with them, the amazing love God has for us in Jesus Christ.  Most recently, I have served the Lord as a solo pastor in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.

Areas of Interest:

  • Creative expression in worship
  • Spiritual formation and development
  • Intergenerational worship
  • The art of liturgy and preaching
  • Community outreach and development

Areas of Experience:

  • Facilitating retreats on a variety of topics for various age groups
  • Dance in worship/liturgical dance
  • Women’s ministry
  • Spiritual autobiographical work
  • Facilitating groups in spiritual gifts inventory and spiritual leadership
  • Spiritual disciplines & prayer
  • Children’s ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Young adult ministry
  • Women’s ministry
  • Parish ministry
  • Worship leadership
  • Preaching



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