Month: November 2012

Check that off the list

In the past 29hrs we made a very quick trip to Charleston SC. We drove down thursday morning, after waking up at a B&B that we stayed at Wednesday night as my gift to Robin for her birthday. We went to Charleston because Robins… Continue Reading “Check that off the list”

Why is it…

As i prepare to leave the USA and move home for a while i cannot help but reflect on living with Americans for slightly over a decade. I’m sure that people back home will ask me that in conversation. Reality is, that’s a very difficult… Continue Reading “Why is it…”

The to do list grows…

If you ever move overseas, start early and often on ALL the things that have to be done. Right now its more than a fulltime job. That said many things on that very list have not been able to be started until now. On… Continue Reading “The to do list grows…”

A Thankful Day

Yesterday we drove out to the country with Robins parents, brother, aunt & uncle visiting for Thanksgiving to literally spend the day working. We cleaned & repaired gutters. Cleaned windows, pruned shrubs, the list goes on. It was great to be out on what… Continue Reading “A Thankful Day”

“Why is it…”

As i read the newspaper (BTW… something i don’t normall do & haven’t in some time. Only participate in this ritual when i’m at Robins parents house)  this morning with my coffee & toast i spent various amounts of time reading stories ranging from the local… Continue Reading ““Why is it…””

Shopping for Shipping Containers & Women Catholic Priests

Today we really started looking for a company to get our stuff to NZ. the joke for woman & I is all we are taking are clothes, Robins books & collection of crosses. AND… my toys… kayaks & bikes. Anyways we found this great… Continue Reading “Shopping for Shipping Containers & Women Catholic Priests”

“Just make it to the state line &…”

Finally made it “home” early last night after a 4 hour drive from Harrisonburg Virginia. BUT!!! not before i went and found some sweet mtn bike trails a little west of where i was for the week. Left early to drive to the George… Continue Reading ““Just make it to the state line &…””

Strip it down

This week i have been hear Harrisonburg Virginia, for a conference at Massanetta Springs. It ended today, however i am sticking around until sunday for the board meeting, for the association which i have lead as president for the past 2 years. Robin came… Continue Reading “Strip it down”

“Home Again”

Note from the title we are back in Raleigh. And for now we call it home. We have been away for about 13 days. And travelled back to Ga-Fl-Al-Ga-Nc. about 2200 miles in total. We are glad to be back. Mostly becuase we saw… Continue Reading ““Home Again””

Ivan & Poppy

Since Sunday 28th October, Robin & I have been on the road. A trip to Raleigh to unload ‘our life’ with her parents (BIG THANKS THERE) then back to the ATL on Tuesday to clean up & leave Calvin Center for the last time… Continue Reading “Ivan & Poppy”