A Thankful Day

Yesterday we drove out to the country with Robins parents, brother, aunt & uncle visiting for Thanksgiving to literally spend the day working. We cleaned & repaired gutters. Cleaned windows, pruned shrubs, the list goes on.

It was great to be out on what was perhaps the nicest day of the week. Robins family or McClenny family home (now empty) is located about 1hour east of Raleigh in a little tiny town. the homestead is still in good repair, thanks to the on-going up keep by Robins dad-Bill. The house is surrounded on almost all sides by farmland, which is rented out to local famers to use for crops.

At this time of year the ground in bare with crops or whats left from corn that was harvested now weeks ago. It was good to be out there in the fields and around the home yesterday. Robins has many happy memories of being here as a child and visiting, staying with her grandmother. We had Cora with us also, which meant she got to run and go crazy also.

A good day…

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