The to do list grows…

If you ever move overseas, start early and often on ALL the things that have to be done. Right now its more than a fulltime job. That said many things on that very list have not been able to be started until now. On our radar screen right now are the following…

  • Moving stuff… we aren’t taking everything in fact we are taking very little, partly because of cost. This week we are having various companies come to the house to look over our stuff and then prepare a quote. Here’s what we know. Door to door is about 25-35 days. Our stuff will most probably leave from Charleston SC. We hope begin this process by the end of next week. Which means even more sorting of STUFF.
  • Booking flights. We still havent done this partly because we haven’t had immigration approval. But now that is completed we can book. And what’s even better we only need to book one-way tickets. Don’t freak out, we do plan on coming back. but coming back is so far our, you cannot book that far. And flying around Christmas is REALLY expensive, therefore it might cost us about the same as a round trip ticket.
  • Selling Robin’s car. We have finally found a buyer. Funnily enough there were right under our noses. Robins aunt. Who lives in Charletson SC. So we are driving down there this Thursday to make the hand off. I’m especially becuase i’m going to take my surf ski and go for a paddle in the ocean. The 1st time it would have been in the ocean. We will return on Friday, to then go and run a 14mile trail run race on saturday. We are both looking forward to racing again after a few weeks off. Believe it or not the racing helps with the sanity.
  • Robins birthday is wednesday, working on several surprises for her. Of which all she knows now is that this years birthday will be more sentimental. Of which she is totally ok with.
  • Our Dog Cora (who is resting up against my body now as i type this) who is coming to NZ too continues to be our biggest challenge right now. arrrgghhhhh. getting some mis-information from the company we are using to get her there. Although today things may have taken a turn for the better after… well all i can say is thank goodness for the power of the second opinion.

Despite all this we are having good times here in Raleigh. My even help out with a YMCA tutoring group that uses Robins childhood church. We are making good use of our time as you can see from the photos below. Paddling this morning in the cold fresh morning air and then this afternoon at a nearby state park.


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