Month: December 2013

A good day

Yesterday we went to the mountains for the day. Now for me a day in the mountains is always a good day, and to make it even better Robin & I were together and then to top it off we were with family. It… Continue Reading “A good day”

Cora’s New Look

There are several cats in our neighborhood and of course these look like delicious treats to Cora. So much so that even when we close the curtains at night she remains steadfast in her commitment to wanting to get these cats. And o course… Continue Reading “Cora’s New Look”

Mixing it up

Today Robin and i both had a day off on the same day. Woo-Hoo, and after much debate and discussion we decided to go to lunch. Now not just any lunch. Being that we are the center of wine production in NZ there are… Continue Reading “Mixing it up”

Mental Toughness… With a view

Started training for GodZone Adventure race this week (more on that later) but very much aware I have zero mental toughness right now so had a great day training of paddling and mtb biking and banked some mental toughness for march during the race… Continue Reading “Mental Toughness… With a view”