Month: March 2013

A bit of a Oxymoron

Yeah i know its been a while, but we are back. No excuse really. Busy with work etc. Have had some school groups that have meant several nighs away at a time. Also some big time discernment going on right now as far as… Continue Reading “A bit of a Oxymoron”

Busy Week

Yes, it certainly has, when i look and see when the last time i posted on here was. Icould very easily categorize that time too. And so i will. Bombs over Blenheim… i guess i’m thinking of bombs over Baghad. However here in Blenheim… Continue Reading “Busy Week”

Hanging out Friday afternoon

Hanging out Friday afternoon in the backyard about to go eat and watch rugby…does it get any better?

Ok Twist my arm…field Research

On monday night Robin & I went & had dinner with a couple for whom the wife will serve as a 3rd Party Independent/or Supervisor for her in ministry. This is something that is set up by the Presbyterian Church Aotearoa/New Zealand. Anyway the… Continue Reading “Ok Twist my arm…field Research”

God lives in Marlborough

This is down our driveway on the right hand side towards the street. Someone’s peach tree is growing over their fence onto our drive. Does this make those almost ripe beautiful peaches ours? Hmmmmm. Other than that, the mere presence of them is fun… Continue Reading “God lives in Marlborough”

Certainly a memorable one…almost

The end of the week is here. As Sunday evening winds down for Robin and i, reflection time is upon us. And what a week it was. Sleep patterns alittle messed up, however if that was all then a mint week. Started with the… Continue Reading “Certainly a memorable one…almost”