A bit of a Oxymoron

Yeah i know its been a while, but we are back. No excuse really. Busy with work etc. Have had some school groups that have meant several nighs away at a time. Also some big time discernment going on right now as far as some oportunities that have come my way. Really taking this Easter weekend to stop, discern and hope something will rise up… bad pun i know.

When asked about faith and religion in NZ I often have described it as somewhere between a pagan country and very secular. Relative to living in the South of the USA that is. Sunday is not the day one attends worship here, but rather be with your whanau(Family) and be in the outdoors. That said this week i discovered a big oxymoron as far as NZ goes. Wait for it, i am about to point my finger at my home, the country i love so much. The same level of criticism usually left for the USA.

Its Easter, a Christian celebration, one that is practiced somewhere between 3 days and the whole week, also known as Holy Week. With Friday and Sunday being the 2 big days (the best way i can describe it at least) that said you would you would expect for a country that doesnt acknowledge God too much to not be paying a lot of attention to this very special time of year. Well, not true, as far as the holidays go at least. For most NZers friday is a holiday AND… MONDAY, yes Monday, don’t recall Jesus doing to much special on the Monday after her rose, well i’m sure he did. But being raised from the dead is quite an acheivement, so a rest day on monday might be good for old JC.

Bottom line is this. Its because of the Christian celebration of Easter that NZers get a 4 day weekend. However ask the average NZer to come to church on Sunday and celebrate the resurrection of Christ… You have got to be kidding. I’ll take the 4-day weekend but as far as sitting in a church, forget it. Would be the response of most NZers. The 4 day Easter weekend off is so sacred that the government has laws that fine shops and retailers if they even open on a Friday & Sunday.

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