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10 years

This is not a New Years Resolution, however I do need and want to get back to this. I run my mouth enough that I should be able to put some of these ideas down on here. Perhaps a good place to start is… Continue Reading “10 years”

The Wall Is Now Very Low.

Over 16 years of preparing and leading summer staff for the pressure cooker environment of American summer camps has revealed to me a few anecdotal observations of the mental and emotional make-up of youth and young adults. My “first summer” in the late 90’s… Continue Reading “The Wall Is Now Very Low.”

Ok… here it is

Its been a few weeks coming, not out of deep thought or anything, just distractions, laziness and a reluctance to write it. The last chapter ended like this… “And so it was over. But not all the feelings that needed to be addressed and… Continue Reading “Ok… here it is”


The Rowallen Forest was this combination of commercial forestry and native bush and was littered with roads, trails and pathways. And of course the map didn’t match up reality and reality didn’t match with the map. Being a commercial forest in places there were… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT PT.8”


There were multiple teams coming and going, which is a good sign one is in the right area. However as a team you never want to give away the exact location of a CP. By this point the light was fading and while other… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT PT.7”


As we left that TA we at least had full bellies, but that combine with full packs meant I was full of not being happy. For some reason as we made our way down to Lake Hauroko  I was not doing well mentally. This… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT PT.6”


As mentioned before sometimes getting to the start line is a major achievement. And this year was an exceptional one for that. In fact some of the challenges we had didn’t resolve themselves till after the race and started and by then it was… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.5”


One of the tricky decisions about AR is how much sleep, when to sleep and the all important where. Transition Areas are some of the worst because they are busy places with teams coming & going all the time at all hours of the… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.4”


I know this might all seem a little drawn out, however it helps me recall the race and all the highs and lows. The abseil/rappel me was quite the ride. Most of it was in free space and a long way down in the… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.3”


The day was quite warm and we had already felt that with all the sweating we were doing, thankfully being Fiordland water was easy to find in streams and rivers and all safe to drink. We dropped down into our 1st valley to cross… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT PT.2”