Month: February 2012


I’m writing this sitting on the last of 3 flights to my home!!! It’s been 2 years since I have been back in NZ. While its sill only February the first 7 weeks of this year have been crazy and it’s only really sinking… Continue Reading “Home”

182 years old

Last week I turned 182. At least by the standards of ‘Heart Rate Max'(MHR). Which is the measure assigned to you based on the simple formula of 220-your age. or put another way the most my heart can beat per minute is 182 +/-… Continue Reading “182 years old”

I got wet

  I did get to go out in that windy weather on saturday. it was a lot of fun. I did go for a swim. but only twice. started off paddling downwind and was basically surfing once out in the main part of the… Continue Reading “I got wet”

Best/Worst case scenario

This morning I am sitting in a meeting with my job. The kind where I have to wear dress up clothes. But later on this afternoon I will be out training and really looking forward to it because I will be on my mtb… Continue Reading “Best/Worst case scenario”

Straddling 2 states

Have spent the past 3 days in eastern PA/western new jersey. Decidedly colder than the dirty south and might even snow tonight. Looking forward to going home tomorrow and being home for at least a few weeks before we travel home (yea-haw) for close… Continue Reading “Straddling 2 states”

Mixed bag

The last few days have been a little less than normal. In fact since Tuesday this past week past pretty much blown!!! Start rough with us having to cancel a retreat at Calvin Center b/c of low registration. It wasnt super low but it… Continue Reading “Mixed bag”