Month: April 2011

Rough couple of days

It has been a rough couple of days. Before the storms last night we lost one of the horses in our equestrian program yesterday morning. This was not taken well by everyone including our over 50 volunteers than MAKE that program work. However i… Continue Reading “Rough couple of days”

2 in one day

Yes  the thoughts a flowing tonight. Maybe its becuase Robin isnt here and i can only talk to Cora (our dog) for so long, although i know she loves the attention. I saw my 1st snake of the year today. In fact i saw… Continue Reading “2 in one day”

Forget ADD or ADHD, its RDD

Before i moved to America from NZ i lived in Japan for one year. This was a richly wonderful time (not for $$$ or should i say Yen) but for every other reason. I moved there because…. wait that’s another post another time. Japan… Continue Reading “Forget ADD or ADHD, its RDD”


Its Easter Sunday. All around the world people celebrate the Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. About to head out to church to do so myself… not that you need to be in a square, box shaped building to celebrate anything to do with Jesus. That’s… Continue Reading “Risen”

More than Just Dumb Luck & My Bad

In the few days i have written about am array of topics that all seem to be related. IMO it HAS to be more than luck. I really do believe its got to be providential… Do you know what that means (“Involving divine foresight or… Continue Reading “More than Just Dumb Luck & My Bad”

Throwing Stones & Good Theology

Today I went to visit a family this afternoon with Robin who’s 22 year old son took his life 3 1/2 weeks ago!!! Griff Parrish was a talented young man with many gifts including that as a singer/songwriter. he has even released an album… Continue Reading “Throwing Stones & Good Theology”

The new sub 4 minute mile

The Boston Marathon was run today. the 11?th edition i think and therefore one of the oldest marathons in the world. Kinda weird to see a marathon ran on a Monday but i’m sure theres some reason for that. Anyways there was a few world record of… Continue Reading “The new sub 4 minute mile”

almost out of the woods

as promised I ran this morning for 60 mins…& it was pain free. Now all i have to complete is a ride later today and with this weather should be easy to do. While i dont think i’m back to 100%, i do feel… Continue Reading “almost out of the woods”

Plan for Sunday

Tomorrow i plan on running for 60mins and also doing a decent ride. i know i am supposed to ease into it, but i also need to get back into it. Isn’t there some expression that says… “there’s always Monday” or “i can start… Continue Reading “Plan for Sunday”

The Results Are In…

Went to Emory on Tuesday to get my 2nd opinon and according to the well qualified sports orthapedist there, he said I DONT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!!! yes its true, but then what do i have? according to the good doc i have Peroneal… Continue Reading “The Results Are In…”