Its Easter Sunday.

All around the world people celebrate the Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. About to head out to church to do so myself… not that you need to be in a square, box shaped building to celebrate anything to do with Jesus. That’s a post for another time.

I did end my Lenten Practise with a cookie or 2 or 3… i made it. it really got easy after a while, i knew it was something that wasnt part of my diet. i did run also this morning for 2 hours… pain free of course, well apart from the normal aches of running for 2 hours.

Did enjoy riding home from the Easter Egg Hunt @ Church yesterday afternoon. While i did have a head wind, i am very thankful of my abilities to even ride a bike home. Which got me thinking…

i rode about 26 miles give or take a 1/2 mile and completed it in a little over  1hr 20mins. Here’s the thinking part. that bloke Mr. Mutai who ran the Boston Marathon last monday in 2hrs 3mins for about the same distance was only about 40mins behind what i did on a bike.

Either he’s really fast, or i’m really slow.

Enjoy your day

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