Month: January 2013

How was your day?

Not many of you know this but a you read this i snuck into America and are here for one week, well not even that. I arrived late Monday night and will be gone Saturday evening from LA. What huh how come really why… Continue Reading “How was your day?”

Slumming it

The week is over, i have a 1/2 day sea kayaking trip tomorrow with a family. In the afternoon Robin will drive over and we will go paddling on our own for a few hours. This week as mentioned i got to lead this… Continue Reading “Slumming it”

Sailors Wouldn’t Even Drink It

Tuesday night i will have my 1st night out on the trail. As part of a guided walk on the Queen Charlotte Walkway (or trail) which is the big hiking trail around these parts. Its about 71Km long and goes from point to point.… Continue Reading “Sailors Wouldn’t Even Drink It”

From the garden & the ocean to dinner table

OK,so this may make some of you really jealous. Read at your own risk, and i apologize, well not really. Today (Saturday) we decided we would head over to the Marlborough Sounds, where i work. Oh BTW… we now have internet at home, finally… Continue Reading “From the garden & the ocean to dinner table”

Its been a while

Its been a while since i have posted, and as you can probably imagine a lot has happened. I am sitting in the Blenheim Library as our internet at the house hasnt been hooked up. This is some ways is driving us nuts but… Continue Reading “Its been a while”


i know we promised photos and we will deliver. There has been so much going on that we havent had a chance to get where wecan upload them yet. Hopefully over the weekend we will be able to do this. Then show you all… Continue Reading “Update”

Moving Again

Today we leave my parents home and begin our trek to our final destination. We leave here with most of the details and items needed to begin our life here. We will stay with some good friends tonight then drive up the Pacific Coast… Continue Reading “Moving Again”

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

WOW what a whirl wind of a few days. Its late Saturday night here and in the past 48hours we have taken care of, completed, signed up for, enrolled in, paid for, the following… A Drivers License A Bank Account New Cell Number New… Continue Reading “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”

Touch Down

We arrived. I sit here at my parents kitchen table at 6pm and its still light outside and will be for at least another 3-4hrs. The weather is warm and windy of course which is common place for NZ. Of course our jounrey here… Continue Reading “Touch Down”

Out with the old…

Well today we finally left, really a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions, everything from are we making a huge mistake through to whoo-hoo here we go. Someone once said “Can a person live a full life cautiously” and therefore I try to remind… Continue Reading “Out with the old…”