Its been a while

Its been a while since i have posted, and as you can probably imagine a lot has happened. I am sitting in the Blenheim Library as our internet at the house hasnt been hooked up. This is some ways is driving us nuts but really its not that bigger deal.

So where to start on all that has gone one in the past week or less. I will give you the bullet point form and hopefully soon will begin posting more reguarly.

  • Robin has her 1st day at church on Sunday and was welcomed with open arms. They are really excited to have her here. We were both welcomed in front of the church followed by a ‘morning tea’ after worship.
  • She is already well into her work & ministry with meeting and programs starting next week.
  • I have started my job, in fact i started a day before Robin, spending the day sea kayaking on saturday in the Marlborough Sounds. Was shadowing another guide for the day as we paddled with 7 clients, 6 Americans from New England and 1 Dutch woman.
  • Was off Sunday for all the welcoming etc for Robin and then back at it yesterday (monday).
  • Spent the day hiking on the 1st day of a guided 5 hike for 7 clients, 6 Australians and 1 dutch woman. The day started with a 2hr boat trip to the outer Marlborough Sounds.
  • We stopped at a bird sanctuary island called Motuara Island, where our equivalent of National Park Service or DOC Dept of Conservation has cleared this island of ALL predators (1 of many islands around NZ now) so our birdlife can thrive.
  • HIGHLIGHT of the day… we saw a Kiwi, yes a kiwi bird. These are very rare, and to see one in the wild, was amazing. Most NZers will only EVER see one in a zoo. Also got to see many other rare NZ birds and their beautiful songs.
  • After that we took a short boat trip to Ships Cove, where Capt Cook, the 1st white person to land in NZ came ashore. This beach is very remote and not many people come all the way out here.
  • We then prepped our clients to hike. Well lets just say its pretty easy hiking. They carry day packs and all there lugguage is forwarded on to the next fancy lodge for there night accomodation. All meals are provided, its really very easy, with 15-20Km per day of hiking. Needless to say you dont see many NZers doing it this way. Preferring to carry all their stuff.
  • I had to leave the group after about an hour of hiking to go and catch the only ferry back to Picton, my home base for work. This involved running for about 12-13km’s to make it to the lodge where they would stay for the night.
  • i made it! Then back to Picton on the ferry for the 90min trip and seeing more on the Sounds.
  • Chatting with boat captain, who i will get to know well told me that earlier in the day on another trip out they saw Orca’s in the Sounds. WOW!!!. cant wait to see those.
  • Robin came and picked me up after work, we had dinner looking over the waterfront and then took a senic route home, continuing to exlpore our new home.
  • The photos below are of the past week.


This is about 10mins from our house. Looking north. the hills to the left are the Marlborough Sounds, the very Northern tip of the South Island.


This is the view on the hills right behind our, at sunset.

Image Image


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