Month: May 2013

Perfect Weekend

My Parents are in town this weekend. They arrived on Thursday this is the first time they have come to visit us in Blenheim so the pressure is on, not really. On friday we had to leave them to entertain themselves as i had… Continue Reading “Perfect Weekend”

Serious Competition

One of the things I am constantly trying to bring to Robin’s attention are many of the traditions and goings-on that make NZ, NZ. Cannot find it anywhere or not to many other places. Well today was one of those days. Living in a… Continue Reading “Serious Competition”

Floods, beds & Cora

Interesting title huh? And to think I could add more to that. I will start with tonight and work backwards. We bought a new bed today! Backstory is we didn’t bring our bed from the USA we figured we would find one here and… Continue Reading “Floods, beds & Cora”