Month: March 2018


As mentioned before sometimes getting to the start line is a major achievement. And this year was an exceptional one for that. In fact some of the challenges we had didn’t resolve themselves till after the race and started and by then it was… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.5”


One of the tricky decisions about AR is how much sleep, when to sleep and the all important where. Transition Areas are some of the worst because they are busy places with teams coming & going all the time at all hours of the… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.4”


I know this might all seem a little drawn out, however it helps me recall the race and all the highs and lows. The abseil/rappel me was quite the ride. Most of it was in free space and a long way down in the… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT Pt.3”


The day was quite warm and we had already felt that with all the sweating we were doing, thankfully being Fiordland water was easy to find in streams and rivers and all safe to drink. We dropped down into our 1st valley to cross… Continue Reading “GODZONE REPORT PT.2”

GodZone Report Pt.1

This was going to be the biggest/longest race I have ever done and dutifully prepared for what was promised to be 10days of adventure and perhaps hardship and misery at the same time. I have certainly experienced those things before in over 10years of… Continue Reading “GodZone Report Pt.1”