Month: May 2011

Summer is here

Summer is almost here. Our entire summer staff of 30 start TOMORROW. YIKES!!! But thats ok, i look forward to this time of year, its my favorite, kids are here, youth are here, young adults are here. How better could it be. This is… Continue Reading “Summer is here”

They laughed at my jokes

This mornings little piece of the worship at church also known at the sermon, went well. In fact it went really well. they laughed at my jokes, got my logic and i didnt speak too long or too short. Just right. now i am… Continue Reading “They laughed at my jokes”

Part 3, St Augustine & Words

Kidding… And you thought you were about to read the final chapter in Atomic AR fromlast weekend. I should have finished it by now…, but…, however…, the…, then…, it was… I am stalling on something that goes contary to a lot of what i… Continue Reading “Part 3, St Augustine & Words”

Part 2

We  get on our bikes… well almost to be greeted by another flat for pete. Fix than and once again are on our way. Slightly behind Appalachain AR, we soon overtake them as they deal with a flat and re take the lead. Bike… Continue Reading “Part 2”

Atomic AR 2011 Race Report Part 1

Early start Saturday @ 4.30am as we drove 45mins to drop our bikes in the middle of no-where (this is normal for AR) then over to the start line at a state park At this point we were still unsure how the start was… Continue Reading “Atomic AR 2011 Race Report Part 1”

Kankles & Celebrating

I tried to post on the way to my race on friday afternoon using my phone, for some reason it didnt work. Anyway, like you care We did race this weekend and we… WON!!!! WE beat our biggest rival WEDALI by only about a… Continue Reading “Kankles & Celebrating”

1st Place

Great news!!! as our team prepares to race this weekend. First time in TOO LONG for me. We are in 1st Place in the race for US National Championships. and This is great news. But i feel kinda dirty as i havent really… Continue Reading “1st Place”

Finally the weekend

The week finally came to an end last night (saturday) after riding for 3hours then scarfing down some dinner and running for 3hrs. Wanted to get that big day under my belt before a 30hr race next weekend. Atomic AR starts Saturday morning and goes until… Continue Reading “Finally the weekend”

Another week

Another week is upon is and wow what an action packed few days Tried to go to bed early last night after doing the math and realizing that in the 5 nights before sunday i/we had some sort of emergency that meant NO BED… Continue Reading “Another week”

the damage

This photo was taken on Saturday about 5 miles from our house/camp. it’s a fork lift company that was totally destroyed. I also rode my bike yesterday in another part of the county and saw unbelievable damage everything from peoples homes… gone trees… cut… Continue Reading “the damage”