10 years

This is not a New Years Resolution, however I do need and want to get back to this. I run my mouth enough that I should be able to put some of these ideas down on here. Perhaps a good place to start is as I sit here on New Years Eve in front of a computer (yup welcome to having 2 kids under 5). Don’t worry not complaining at all. But As Robin & I unpack 2010 to 2019 its been quite a decade. Here is some of it in bullet form. And to think that as I was pruning a hedge on our street the other day I meet a woman who lives a few doors down and has lived there for 40+ years. So, here goes and here’s to seeing me running my mouth more on here

  • Leave Calvin Center after 11 years as Program Director.
  • Failed IVF attempt in August 2012… yup it happened, a long road to parenthood for us
  • Leave Georgia USA end of 2012
  • Move back to NZ (Marlborough)
    • Robin pastors a PCANZ church
    • I work as outdoor guide and in community development
  • Accept a job with Pittsburgh Presbytery Camp-Crestfield and leave NZ end of 2014.
    • Leave NZ knowing we are pregnant with Moana… IVF worked this time
    • Robin pastors a small PCUSA church in Pittsburgh
  • Cora our beloved dog dies Dec31st 2014 within 6 weeks of returning to USA. This dog had made 2 trips across the world. We are crushed!!!
  • Buy a house early 2015 in Pittsburgh.
  • Moana Joy Humphreys comes into our lives on July 22 2015. The joy continues.
  • Do an adventure race in South Africa in May 2016
  • November 2016 I accept a position with Scripture Union NZ (SUNZ) as their South Island Camps Coordinator.
  • I roll my truck 3 times on I-79 in December 2016 in a snow storm … a walk away unharmed.
  • Leave Crestfield March 2017, leave USA late March 2017
  • Start work with SUNZ April 2017.
  • Robin starts work with PCANZ Kids Friendly Ministry
  • Move to rental on the hill, near the beach
  • My first official camp with SUNZ in July 2017 is cancelled… low registrations… UGH
  • Race Godzone Fiordland and totally screws with my head.
  • We go ‘another round’ of IVF, find out we are pregnant again in March 2018
  • Move to another rental on the hill and freeze our ass off over winter
  • November 16th 2018 Ruby Grace Elizabeth Humphreys comes into this world. Now the grace and joy continue.
  • Race Godzone again to deal with the ghosts of 2018
  • House-sit for some friends going overseas for 6 months from May 2019. Move to the country and “farm” with 2 horses, 3 cattle, 1 goat, 1 dog, 2 alpacas, 5 sheep, 2 donkeys, too many chickens (free eggs tho)
  • Go to USA for 4 weeks to visit in May 2019
  • Buy a house in Beckenham Christchurch, “Get the keys” November 1st. Been here now 2 months.


We had a 2 year ‘itch’ going on for a while there. USA… NZ… USA… NZ. Past that in September this year. Not going anywhere anytime soon.

We now live across the street from a river, mins from the hills for running and mountain  biking. The beach is 15mins away. My parents less than 3 mins drive. Moana will start school next year and she will be able to bike. I can mow the lawn in less than 10mins.

My job isn’t perfect… who’s is. We’ve still got challenges… who hasn’t… But I have food, shelter, water, a family I love & that I know loves me

“Unless you seek you can never find”

Thanks Be To God

2 Comments on “10 years

  1. Thanks for the decade in review. So good to hear from you and know you and family are doing well.

    We are in Florida at present for a few days home on the 7th. Will write more when we get home. I continue dealing with my Parkinson’s but still fully mobile. Ruth took on a part time position at 1st Boise a year ago when our associate left. Officially she’s pastor of visitation but doing much more than that.

    More later after return to Boise but so good to hear your update.

    Happy 2020.

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