Month: September 2011

More than a long run

On Saturday i did my long run for the week. I normally do it early Tuesday but wanted to do a brick session on saturday which means all 3 run-bike-paddle in any order back to back to back. Also i¬†wanted to run on hills… Continue Reading “More than a long run”

1st cold wet run

Went running this morning for the 1st time in a long time (besides racing in Canada this summer) with it being COLD. I am currently in Pennsylvania with my job, about 1hr north of Pittsburg at one of our camp & conference centers. Ran… Continue Reading “1st cold wet run”

Fone Freakout

Today my i-phone died. For reasons unbeknown to me. It turned on fine this morning, got a text from a friend, beeped to tell me about new email. Read the text and went to the office. Got to the office & went to look… Continue Reading “Fone Freakout”

The sleeping surface tour

It took a while but below they lie. A selection of our recent holiday/vacation to Colorado. We were there for a week. And featured about as many different forms of sleeping surfaces as you could imagine. 1st night spilt between a plane that left… Continue Reading “The sleeping surface tour”