More than a long run

On Saturday i did my long run for the week. I normally do it early Tuesday but wanted to do a brick session on saturday which means all 3 run-bike-paddle in any order back to back to back.

Also i wanted to run on hills and make it as real to race conditions as possible. So off to Sprewell Bluff State Park i went. Started with a run that was scheduled for 3hrs 20mins. Here’s where it turned in into more than a long run. During my run i encountered not 1 but 4 armadillo’s. Generally a nocturnal creature to see 4 of these armoured animals on 4 legs during the day was weird. Then to top that off i ran alongside the river for a while taking a bush whacking route (remember trying to mimic race conditions). Then to my surprise i almost stepped on a snack as i ran through the scrub and long grass. And not just any snake a Copperhead (poisonous) the snake was trying to get away from me by slithering towards ME!!!

As i jumped i lifted my right leg, just in time to notice that the snake was striking right in the place where my lower right leg would have been a spilt second before. I snaked between my legs and headed for the river.

WOW. This really freaked me out. Re-gathered my composure and carried on running. I’m not too afraid of snakes in fact they fascinate me (we don’t have snakes in NZ) and i think it was more the surprise that it was a snake than that snake was a Copperhead.

However i will say this, for the next few minutes i played out the scenario in my head of ‘what would i do if that little buggar got me… turn on my phone (wait, i don’t have it with me) ok quickly swim back across the river, turn on my phone call for help and wait for EMT…YIKES”

I did go on to complete my run and brick session, then to drive home and EAT!!!! Yummy

Quite an adventure and more than a long run

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