Month: June 2011

@ Home

Tonight we are at home together, Robin & I oh & Cora of course. Its been a while and nice to be home with Robin. We are in week 4 of summer camp and this friday we get a 4 1/2 day break mostly… Continue Reading “@ Home”

Not Bad “Training Run”

The weekend went better than expected. the thing hurts now is coming back and expecting to work those long hours again with little rest over the weekend. Anyways… We finished second and used almost every minute of the 28 hours to do so. We… Continue Reading “Not Bad “Training Run””

Start the day right

Its 6.14am an we are driving to the start line eating a biscuit from Tudors Biscuit World, something WV is famous for. It’s the perfect race food… But I had forgotten how big these things are. These biscuits are as big as my hand… Continue Reading “Start the day right”

Something different

I am currently driving to Asheville NC with one of my team mates to then pick up another and drive to WV to race E-Fix this weekend I know its summer and I don’t race in the summer and you are right but camp… Continue Reading “Something different”

Summer Signs

For most people (in this part of thr world) its summer time and the summer signs are everywhere. Heat, humidity, afternoon storms, more opportunities to eat ice cream (much to Robin’s enjoyment), swimming , longer days etc. however for me they are all that and…wearing… Continue Reading “Summer Signs”

Long time

Yeah yeah it’s been a while but I promise to post in the am

guess where I am?

not really a topic one likes to talk about but guess where I am right now??? I’m at the hospital yes really not for Robin or someone else but me!!! kinda embarrassing well not kinda but really embarrassing. a few days ago I got… Continue Reading “guess where I am?”