Summer Signs

For most people (in this part of thr world) its summer time and the summer signs are everywhere. Heat, humidity, afternoon storms, more opportunities to eat ice cream (much to Robin’s enjoyment), swimming , longer days etc. however for me they are all that and…wearing Chaco sandals (with cool sandal tan lines), lots of kids, 25 young adults, playing in the pool, eating s’mores, homesick kids which all means Camp

As previously noted the summer time would be a challening time for me to post. But its sunday morning and i have a few hours before the beginning of week 3.

So far we have had a great summer. its been hot of course, and humidt and all the things mentioned above. But also the following

  • Only 2 trips to the hospital
  • Lots of snakes. for some reason there are lots of snakes around this year. I did see 5 in 24hrst this past week.
  • A large increase in our summer numbers (which is good)

For me personally the time to do the favorite part of my job… having campers here. Its always a juggling act between getting things done in the office and wanting to be with kids outside. Somehow it happens.

Robin and i have to be very intentional about our time together too, and between stealing moments and then saturdays to ourselves we are good.

Next weekend i am racing. yes i know summer isnt usually a time to race, however its a going to be a good warm up for the 6 day race in Canada in late July. We are going to West Virginia next weekend to race a 50 hour race called E-Fix. We havent had a lot of luck with this race in the past. and this will be my 3rd attempt at it. So i will miss camp for a few days and be back in time for the last week before we get 4th July break of 4 1/2 days.



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