Something different

I am currently driving to Asheville NC with one of my team mates to then pick up another and drive to WV to race E-Fix this weekend
I know its summer and I don’t race in the summer and you are right but camp is in a good place and my boss said yes and it would be good for the program staff at camp to step up

Therefore we are of to WV. Race starts 12pm Friday and goes for 50hrs yes 50, so 2 nights out and then have to drive back ugh!!!

It should be fun, and includes along with the other stuff river swimming and maybe some rafting

I am functioning on an average of 5 1/2 hrs sleep a night right now so this will be a real test

The race is called E-Fix and is put on by odyssey adventure racing if you want to follow it online or twitter

Will write more Sunday/monday

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