Month: August 2011

RNTX Part 6

We finally made it down the lake, not after i had to change & adapt to using a modified now single blade paddle after i snapped the afore mentioned one. When we got to the TA there were a number of teams there waiting… Continue Reading “RNTX Part 6”

Where we we up to…RTNX Part 5

As we left on our bikes it was very easy to see that we were extremely tired. I was falling asleep and I could see Chris was too. So to keep myself awake took on the task of keeping Chris awake and therefore hopefully… Continue Reading “Where we we up to…RTNX Part 5”


Robin & I are currently sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Estes Park. We are out of the mountains safe and sound. We had a great time and lots of highlights to share Tomorrow we will travel to denver to chill before flying… Continue Reading “Relaxing”

Finally arrived

That was not a fun experience last night. Our flight didn’t leave ATL until midnight. Besides the other flight coming in making us later the pilot for our flight to Denver was somewhere still in the air delayed because of bad weather himself They… Continue Reading “Finally arrived”

We aren’t racing are we?

Robin and I are currently sitting at ATL airport waiting for what was already a late night to Denver to begin our vacation BUT… For what ever reason like storms somewhere else in the US we will be leaving about 1hr late So do… Continue Reading “We aren’t racing are we?”

RTNX Part 4

Really part 4. wow how time flies. I hope i can get these done. Robin & I leave on Sunday night for Colorado for 7 days, 5 of which will be spent climbing & hiking. oh well there goes some more adventures to share. Anyway… Continue Reading “RTNX Part 4”

Ok, so you know you are a long way from home

I know it’s not a RTNX Race Report. i promise there are more coming. However i had a different experience this evening i want to share. Being from NZ, one of the things i here the most, or most often is… “Why are you here in Georgia, when… Continue Reading “Ok, so you know you are a long way from home”

RTNX Part 3

This part of the report begins with us starting the lake paddle. This was expected to take between 3-5 hours and having had a few hours “sleep” we were feeling quite good. While it was still raining when we pushed off the shore the weather… Continue Reading “RTNX Part 3”

RTNX Part 2

As mentioned we swapped running shoes for bikes, not before making sure we ate and drank enough. I should mention at this time that the weather was still really favorable with a few threatening skies earlier in the day. In adventure racing the longer… Continue Reading “RTNX Part 2”

RTNX Part 1

So here it comes my reflections and race report from Raid the North Extreme (RTNX) not sure how many parts this report will have but do plan to drop some pics in here for you to see. However in looking at photos they sometimes don’t… Continue Reading “RTNX Part 1”