Robin & I are currently sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Estes Park. We are out of the mountains safe and sound. We had a great time and lots of highlights to share

Tomorrow we will travel to denver to chill before flying home on sunday. We didn’t achieve our goal of summiting Longs Peak (14,2?? Feet) we had an early start on Tuesday after hiking in to Sandbeach Lake on Monday. We made it to about 12,000ft before getting chased off the side of the mountain by a fast moving storm that produced snow and hail. Yes it’s summer in the Colorado mtns and anything can happen. We both feel good about our decision to bail in some very fast changing and already challenging conditions at best.

We still had the rest of the week to enjoy and this included doing some off trail hiking/bush whacking with a map and compass to guide the way

We did lots of this on Tuesday morning, getting to the base of Longs then most of the day Wednesday. Then again on Thursday. It was great to use skills that most people don’t even know the first thing about now days. And to be confident to know where we were all the time. Unconventional, but hey it’s Paul & Robin right

We saw lots of cool wildlife and were warned consistently about bears and to watch for them as they were becoming aggressive. Therefore take appropriate plans to avoid encounters.

All in all we had a great time, will share photos when we get back

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