Month: March 2011

Ain’t No Sunshine

I realized today that i havent seen the sun shine in this part of the world since LAST FRIDAY. and that by my math is 5 days… WOW. no wonder i feel like i have the blahs. here’s hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. Still… Continue Reading “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Living with Mr. Awkward

Do you know Mr Awkward that s my new best friend. otherwise known as the obnoxious boot on my left foot. Not fun at all oh well i try to remind myself that the more i keep it on the quicker it will heal. And at… Continue Reading “Living with Mr. Awkward”

And the Verdict is..

A stress fracture!!!! What, No Way, you are kidding, really…. #@&%*#$%@)&@ hmmm i guess it could be worse. i looked at the x-ray and the doctor who is a triathlete (so there was some sympathy) although he did say that “unfortunatley you adventure racing/endurance… Continue Reading “And the Verdict is..”

Some say Lucky…

Last night while walking our dog Cora i discovered a 4 leaf clover!!! and in my 37 years on this earth its only the 2nd one i have EVER found, unlike Robin who has a whole collection. I dont beleive in luck AT ALL,… Continue Reading “Some say Lucky…”

Fragile Foot Freakout

ok so I ran this morning for 2 1/2 hrs this morning or at least tried. the last 30mins were complete agony. the first 45 or so was fine but then my foot started hurting… BAD!!! I finally stopped ignoring it and have an… Continue Reading “Fragile Foot Freakout”

back to it

we are on our way back from Pennsylvania after the weekend at Crestfield, one of our camps about 1hr north of Pittsburg it was a good weekend, lots of facilitating EE stuff back into the training tomorrow, I have written a program tentatively through… Continue Reading “back to it”

a few weeks on

Currently at Crestfield a camp and conference center. about a hour north of Pittsburgh. Started running this week and will get abck to full training schedule next week. my left foot hurts and i think i may have a stress fracture and any bruising… Continue Reading “a few weeks on”

Finally Done

Well its over. i finally completed my 1st (& quite possibly my last) 100 mile ultra marathon. Here are a few reflections on the day. Finished the race in 26hrs 26mins. Wanted to go under 24hrs and was on target to do so running about 60-65… Continue Reading “Finally Done”


it’s only a few days until ultra. trying really hard not to eat all the bad foods that I don’t need to. and with tapering I cannot get away with it as much than when training full on!!! the forecast is for some showers… Continue Reading “waiting”