And the Verdict is..

A stress fracture!!!!

What, No Way, you are kidding, really…. #@&%*#$%@)&@ hmmm

i guess it could be worse. i looked at the x-ray and the doctor who is a triathlete (so there was some sympathy) although he did say that “unfortunatley you adventure racing/endurance nuts have such a high pain tolerance that you (Me) have been sucking it up for so long that i could have made it alittle worse.” that wasnt helpful either.

he went on to say… 6 weeks NO RUNNING, which might as well be a death sentence for me. Amongst other things running is a spiritual/mental/emotional thing for me. what will i do. He did say i could bike, paddle and swim as long as i dont do hills. havent seen many hills in a pool. So we did both laugh when i said that.

Oh and it gets better, i have a big ugly boot to wear too. WOW. i feel really dumb wearing this thing around. At least i can ride and paddle etc. not with the boot on of course. i came home with the boot and immediately left on my road bike to finish my ride from earlier this morning.

What does this all mean…

  1. I miss one race (Blue Ridge AR) i havent told my team mates yet
  2. Should be back for Atomic AR in mid May
  3. Then will have to bust my @ss to get in run shape for that and then Raid the North in Canada at the end of the summer

But on a good note i did have cold meatloaf sandwiches for lunch with fresh bread made by Robin. I guess i do have many things STILL to be thankful for.


8hours… SWEET!!!


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