Some say Lucky…

Last night while walking our dog Cora i discovered a 4 leaf clover!!! and in my 37 years on this earth its only the 2nd one i have EVER found, unlike Robin who has a whole collection. I dont beleive in luck AT ALL, however as i nervously wait for my trip to the orthapedic specialist tomorrow i will take anything.

I have been riding and paddling more and so far so good. But was greeted with a flat tired on my bike trainer this morning and so had to scramble and go to the lake for a paddle. still too dark to ride the roads at that time. oh well…

Making meatloaf for dinner tonight, not sure if i’m more excited about meatloaf for dinner or cold meatloaf sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, hopefully with Robins now weekly Friday ritual of baking bread (which i LOVE)

I have started recording the amount of sleep i get each night so i can keep track of when and why i might be fatigued


Wednesday 7 1/2

Tuesday 7 1/2

Monday 5 1/2 ugghh

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