Month: July 2011

Quite possibly…

Hey there folks Currently sitting on a bus on my way back from Canada over to Spokane Wa and ultimately home. Will write ALOT more in the coming days. The race was amazing definitely the most physical thing I have ever done but also… Continue Reading “Quite possibly…”

Eeek out one More

Hurry and wait is alive and well currently sitting waiting to load ALL our gear bins into a truck to take it somewhere bikes left this morning Pouring over our 8 maps now looking at route choices etc I know one of the two… Continue Reading “Eeek out one More”

Final preparations

This might be the last post I make in a while. While the race doesn’t start for another 36 hrs I will put the phone away in the morning and won’t bust it out until sometime next weekend. We had pre race meeting this… Continue Reading “Final preparations”

Getting ready

Sitting in Nelson BC, well not sitting really. Lots to do Getting bikes ready Packaging food Getting ready for on average 3hr check in process …. However this is quite normal for AR The photo attached is me with 1 of my favorite foods… Continue Reading “Getting ready”

More sometimes…

Another challenge of AR is this… Waiting in airports for shuttles and team mates to arrive. Between flights being cancelled and computer glitches we are waiting in Spokane airport. We could be here for 4 hours while they catch up to us then drive… Continue Reading “More sometimes…”

Spare time

While sitting on the plane I had LOTS of time to think and with the busyness of summer haven’t done that in a while. As my mind wondered I was entertaining thoughts about why adventure racing and initially there are always 2-3 reasons that… Continue Reading “Spare time”


Sometimes the most challenging part of adventure racing is getting to the start line Currently on the plane to leave for Minneapolis then another plane to Spokane Washington then a shuttle into Canada See what I mean. And it’s only Thursday and we don’t… Continue Reading “Sometimes”

Another day closer but…

RTNX is another day closer and I am well into tapering now. Which has always been tricky for me…. How much how little really depends on many factors How long is the race How much training one has done in preparation Is there a… Continue Reading “Another day closer but…”

Finished… well almost

Today was Camp Appreciation Day at camp. When we appreciate camp or clean, pack up, put away many of the things we have used over the summer. It went fast, and that said it’s not quite over yet. We still have horse day camp… Continue Reading “Finished… well almost”


I have always thought that summer doesnt really start here in the south until the humidity kicks in. If that is true that summer started today. OH MY GOSH!!!! unbelieveable humidity today. but also thinking that it might be day 5 of 10 day… Continue Reading “Humidity”