Another day closer but…

RTNX is another day closer and I am well into tapering now. Which has always been tricky for me…. How much how little really depends on many factors
How long is the race
How much training one has done in preparation
Is there a lot of travel leading up to the race
No 2 races are the same and this is no different of course 6 days non stop is a long time to race and incredibly tough on ones body but tapering does play into it

You don’t want to taper too early and loose precious endurance or taper too little too late and not be in good shape at the start line. And while I haven’t had the perfect buildup to this race with long hours of summer camp who ever can say they have had the perfect buildup to a 6 day race.

E-fix a few weeks back certainly helps and I’m hope that long hours of summer camp with help too. I felt like it did in costa rica last year when we raced there.

But with tapering it’s always tempting to go out and do more in the few days leading up to the race. And then there’s the food and eating factor. While I’m not burning as much I do have to keep a balance between building glycogen stores and not putting on pounds.

it’s funny because with these international races and traveling to them one tends to eat a lot and I often feel like I have put on 10lbs by the time I get to the start line. Knowing fully that within 48 hrs it will be burned off and by the end I will look all emaciated.

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