Finished… well almost

Today was Camp Appreciation Day at camp. When we appreciate camp or clean, pack up, put away many of the things we have used over the summer.

It went fast, and that said it’s not quite over yet. We still have horse day camp and day camp next week and Mission Work Camp and Global Village through August 6th. So not over completely, however we did say goodbye to about 1/2 of our summer staff and will keep around 13 or so for next week and beyond.

I have closed out a summer camp 10 times now but 13 in total. And are happy to report that i have completed my 10th summer as program director at Calvin Center. 11 total at Calvin, 13 over all. Very satisfying to have had 10 years here and helped shape (with literally 100’s of people’s’ help) shape the program to what it is today.

While i have sat through that many final day closing staff meetings with summer staff i am caught between them being ‘old hat’ repetitive and that was really moving and hope i never get bored or tired of being a part of that. These young adults have worked their tails off and are at a pivotal point in their lives. As they continue in their education, faith journey or where  ever life may take them next. Happy to be a part of that.

On another note, had a bad river trip yesterday. Was guiding a group of youth from our denomination (not Calvin Campers) down the Flint River (the usual section we paddle with campers) and about 10 mins into the trip i killed it. i couldn’t in good conscience continue the trip. there were too many red flags to continue.

first it became apparent their paddling skills were not what i had been told/expected. Then a number of them flipped at the first piece of real moving water, it wasnt even a rapid. Then it started raining… hard, so by now all were wet and would be cold and potentially pre hypothermic in an hour or so. oh and did i mention the thunder and lightning. That was too many ‘lemons on the slot machine’ for me to allow it to continue. So we dragged boats back up-stream and swam in the river once the thunder had stopped. 

However this thursday i leave for Canada to race Raid the North Extreme (RTNX) we fly to Spokane Wa, then drive into BC, Canada to a town called Nelson. Coverage for this race should be good. So if you are interested you should be able to keep up online and over twitter and race website. We will be wearing “SPOT” tracking devices on our packs that will link to a satellite and allow real-time positioning of where we are. If it isnt moving dont freak out, we may be taking an hour or so sleep or in a transition area.

Will post more before then and the scramble to keep day camps etc rolling and packing for RTNX

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