I have always thought that summer doesnt really start here in the south until the humidity kicks in. If that is true that summer started today. OH MY GOSH!!!! unbelieveable humidity today.

but also thinking that it might be day 5 of 10 day camp and its starting to show.

but also thinking that i ran for 3 hours this morning.

but also thinking that i am trying to train for a 6 day race in Canada in less than 2 weeks. and doing much more training than i usually do in the summer.

Right now camo is happily chaotic. we have over 100 campers here. 2 adventure trips leaving tomorrow. one just cam back today, and people all over the place.

And now finally @ 11.43 at night Robin and i sit down, only for a few minutes before we go to bed to wake up early and drive her to the airport to fly home to Raleigh for 4 days.

Good night

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