Month: February 2013

Cooked the Straight & Our Arms

Here it goes the report from the lastest Adventure. To paddle across Cook Straight. We got a late start on Monday afternoon from Picton where i work. Didn’t start paddling until 4.30pm, which was a lot later that what we were hoping for. 3… Continue Reading “Cooked the Straight & Our Arms”

Every Once in a while…

Occasionally… Semdom… Infrequently… The Cook Straight puts on a show of the calm weather variety. This morning was one of those. A quick update to say we are home safe and sound and feeling very satisfied but very tired. Lets just say that it… Continue Reading “Every Once in a while…”

What a day

See what happens when you have a few days at home. Lots of posting on ones’ blog site and now even better…photos. I have been away for the past two Monday-Fridays on guided hiking trips, hence not a lot of blogging. These photos are… Continue Reading “What a day”

Childhood Dream

Next week i have the opportunity to do something i have wanted to do for a very long time even as a child. As hopefully you know or perhaps have paid attention to the title of this blog”…Adventures” are experiences that i long for… Continue Reading “Childhood Dream”

More Field Research

Theres a clarity that happens when we rub shoulders with the things that we are good at but aren’t in the position to do right now. Hows that for a thought? Show stopper huh. It maybe redundant and lame to you however this has… Continue Reading “More Field Research”

Field Research

This past week i have walked the trail with 9 clients (3 Americans, 3 Aussies, 1 Irish woman, & 2 Brits) quite a mixture. Certainly made dinner discussion interesting. Meanwhile on the trail we have had days varying from 4-9hours, depending on their speed.… Continue Reading “Field Research”

Quick & dirty

This is a really quick post. I am leaving tomorrow on a 5 day guided hike. Will be taking 9 people out on the Queen Charlotte Walkway. 70Km over 5 days. And staying in those “rough lodges” again. Will write lots while gone. but… Continue Reading “Quick & dirty”

It has to be A Different the Second Time Around

Since we have been home in NZ I personally have enjoyed many moments. One of those has been the ability to walk around bare foot. This is a joy shared by many kiwis. And before you judge us, it doesn’t mean we are uncivilized… Continue Reading “It has to be A Different the Second Time Around”