Every Once in a while…


The Cook Straight puts on a show of the calm weather variety. This morning was one of those. A quick update to say we are home safe and sound and feeling very satisfied but very tired. Lets just say that it could not have gone more perfect, well… there were a few scary moments early this morning as we set out at 5am.

Needless to say, very tired, spent about 12 1/2 hours of paddling over a period of 19 1/2 hours.

More soon, i have to lead a 1/2 day sea kayaking trip tomorrow(Wed), i hope i can keep up with the way my arms feel right now. Then off until Friday. Will write a full report with stunning photos.

One Comment on “Every Once in a while…

  1. I cannot believe you kayaked across the Cook Strait. We barely made it across once on the huge ferry. I am really impressed but you are crazy, Dude!!

    Lewis Brewer

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