Month: December 2012

We saw the Red Sea… But no Moses

Today we (as in Robin, her parents & brother John) went to an NC State Mens Basketball game. I haven’t been to many basketball games so it was fun to go. John got us some sweet seats and we had a great view of… Continue Reading “We saw the Red Sea… But no Moses”

I Ate A Lot of Frogs

Two nights ago we got to particpate in a McClenny/Tuten Family Christmas tradition. Well, more Tuten tradition, which is Robin’s mothers madien name. This tradition is one i’m glad we didn’t miss this year. We’ve had it almost every Christmas i can remember here… Continue Reading “I Ate A Lot of Frogs”

New & Improved… Adlent

This past Sunday we went to church, the 4th Sunday in Advent. Central to the message of Advent is waiting. I get the message of waiting, and when i say that i don’t mean that in a cocky way. The word of God still… Continue Reading “New & Improved… Adlent”

They Even Named Christmas After Him

Who said Jesus wasn’t cool? Who said He wasn’t relevant? Who said He isn’t up with the times, or keeping up with all the cool kids? Who said Jesus isnt Chill? (isn’t that the language all the cool kids use nowadays?) Last night we… Continue Reading “They Even Named Christmas After Him”

The past few days…

The past few days have certainly been very varied and interesting for Robin and I. And i have pictures and reflections to prove it. It all started when Robin and i went to dinner last night. Now don’t get me wrong i’m all about… Continue Reading “The past few days…”

At Least it Will be Easy to Count How Many Days

After much waiting & everything else that goes along with this circus. We have a date for leaving America! While its not the most perfect set of circumstances with a few things not quite finalized. We need to go, we have a house to… Continue Reading “At Least it Will be Easy to Count How Many Days”

Another Urban Adventure

A few weeks’ backs I posted about finding fun in the ‘burbs of Raleigh. Since then i have found that in many ways. Not just in the nearby State Park, which has been the basis for most of my adventures, but also in the… Continue Reading “Another Urban Adventure”

Ok.. I have waited long enough

The events of the last Friday have left us with everything from lost for words through to complete anger. In addition to all the emotions, thoughts and feelings inbetween those aforementioned extremes. It is however quite typical for us as humans respond to grief… Continue Reading “Ok.. I have waited long enough”

Amateur Demolition Man

Today was a good day! I got to go out to the Wilson NC area. About an hour east of Raleigh to help Bill (Robins Dad) work on one of the properties they own out there. We spent the day pulling down, dismantling an… Continue Reading “Amateur Demolition Man”

Nite Rider

Yes for now we are living in the ‘burbs however my thirst for adventure is never far away. One can respond to it 2 ways… become disillusioned by being in the ‘burbs (don’t get me wrong, i am very thankful for a roof over… Continue Reading “Nite Rider”