Nite Rider

Yes for now we are living in the ‘burbs however my thirst for adventure is never far away. One can respond to it 2 ways… become disillusioned by being in the ‘burbs (don’t get me wrong, i am very thankful for a roof over my head) or you can respond and go find adventure.

Last night i got to ‘feed my worm’ or satisfy that penchant for adventure. Yes even here in suburban Raleigh. As previously mentioned there is a large State Park (SP) nearby. In fact i can ride there in about 20mins. On the other side of this said SP there is a patch of woods i recently discovered packed full of sweet MTB trails!!! My discovery of them was a few weeks back while on foo,t running. While that experience lead to me “getting lost”… well not really i knew i would eventually find the end i was running for about 2hrs more than i needed to that day. Yvon Chouinard once said “True adventure doesn’t begin until things start going wrong”.

Anyways… i rode over there last night in the dark, snuck through the SP which is supposed to be closed by 6pm at this time of year and hit these new found trails for some night mountain biking on some even sweeter trails. First let me say this whole thing about eh SP being closed, i saw at least 4 other people biking and 3-4 more running whilst i rode through. Then once i got to the trails it was lit up like a Christmas tree… well thats an exaggeration but needless to say i was not alone biking. There were lots of other folks out riding the trails with various handlebar & helmet/headlamp lights. I prefer both. A supper bright 700 lumens light for my handle bars and a headlamp on my helmet which gives me the freedom to look around and not just the direction of my wheels from the bike mounted light.

Rode back and got my fix for adventure in the cool night air of Raleigh. However more importantly kept my life interesting and full of adventure. This experience will be participated in again. This SP has become a real asset to me, so much so that i’m probably there 6-7 times a week. I know Robin enjoys running there too and when we take Cora on a real run, this is her place of choice. Off the leash, bush-whacking through the woods with me. I know i will be back there this afternoon but really looking forward to Sunday when there is another orienteering even there, this once is more advanced so will be even more fun.

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