Runnin’ around in the woods

Our Sunday Afternoon Fun

This afternoon i got to participate in a past time i haven’t been able to do since racing World AR Champs in France this past September… orienteering. Of course this was on a lot smaller scale and involved being on foot and nothing else.

What was more exciting was that Robin came and raced with me. The event was nearby at the local state park (where i have spent a lot of time recently). We drove down there after coming home from church and hastily eating sme lunch. Our goal for the event was to spend some time in the woods together. Not racing, but brushing up on my navigation skills and teaching Robin about it and allowing her to navigate.

We decided on the 4.2km course and set out on ad adventure. Robin did great, quickly adapting to the uneven terrain and the decision for us to not use trails or roads, only to cross them. Soon she was leading us from point to point oreinting the map, determining the right heading, following it, and interpreting the landforms and topography around us… Needless to say i am very proud. It was a great day to outside, even warming up into the 70’s.

We almost lost track of time, i’m guessing because our goal was to spend time in the woods… When i did look at my watch i realized we only had 20mins left before the course cut off and we still had 2 points to get. At that point after a quick discussion our comptetitive sides kicked up and we turned it up a notch because neither of us wanted a DNF.

We made it with 7mins to spare and got ALL the checkpoints, had a fun day in the woods, brushed up on nav skills and spent some quality time together.

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