Why is it…That I Can’t Put Toothpaste Back In The Tube?

Short answer, YOU CAN’T!!! Try it, you will fail.

last week i read and heard a story about one of the actors on the TV Show ‘Two & A Half Men’ essentially ripping all aspects of the show, from its plot, its content and everything in-between. Referring to the show as ‘filth’. I do not want to speak for anyone so here you can read it for yourself.


WOW, quite a barrage of words from one who appears to be ‘biting the hand that feeds him.’ But wait… About 24hrs later  this appeared.


What does all this say, or as i see it. The responses & comments posted by people following the article are mostly directed towards what constitutes a cult etc. However i see more than this. Here is an example of a YA or youth challenged by verbal communication. A hastily spoken comment or point of view, that just happened to ‘go viral’ as they say and then followed quickly with some big back-peddling. I wonder  if the same ‘covering his @ss’ comments would have happened if it didn’t go viral?

As i said above i see more than the debate over what is a cult etc but an increasingly common occurrence amongst YA’s. Verbal communication is increasingly a challenge. Sure we all know how to talk, I’m not suggesting it’s about that or that bad. Or to disappear from our whole existence but there appears to be an increasing absence of the tact and sensitivity that goes hand in hand with it verbal communication. Don’t get me wrong, i get being blunt, and to the point. However something is changing or an old framework that worked for centuries is disappearing,  a skill that existed for a long time has been attacked by the text happy world we live in. Those rules don’t apply in the text happy world and when the opportunity to verbally communicate occurs the toothpaste principle often applies.

Reminds me of the movie Wal-E…  where we as humans stopped using our legs and therefore exercise and became really obese.  But the humans in the movie adapted and created floating machines so walking was no longer necessary.

You could argue that we should adapt… human/social evolution etc. We don’t use tape cassettes now, or we know that certain medicine back in the day once thought of as good, is now. Or women can vote, we try to refer to people with disabilities as ‘person 1st, disability 2nd.’ Therefore why can’t we adapt to use verbal communication less and begin to remove it from our existence. Why because its fundamental to our existence and don’t see it becoming “…soooo 2000-&-late…” as the Black Eyed Peas  song refers to (i partly wrote this to not take myself too seriously). Written word, doesnt express the nuance that spoken does, & this story is a really good example of a YA who hasn’t had enough opportunities to verbally express not only words but words that convey nuance, and themes, trends, metaphors etc. Then when he had the opportunity and platform look what happened.

Why write about this… verbal communication increasingly a challenge to YA’s and younger. I do not have evidence to support this. It’s all culture watching and anecdotal. However if nothing else this speaks to me that as we meet each other in the middle with ministry and more. Listening and taking time to be patient with one another is becoming more and more important.  Hand in hand with verbal communication and listening on the way out. Someone once took the time to listen to you, and me and we. Therefore what a great opportunity we have to respond in another way, through only listening but also reinvigorating the beauty of verbal communicaton.

Why is it…?

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