The night before…

Tomorrow the movers come to pick up our stuff!!! YIKES- there is no backing out now, we are all in as they say. So tonight is the night before…

We say good-bye to many of our clothes.

I say goodbye to many of my kayaks & surf ski (sob sob)

Robin says goodbye to many of her crosses in her collection

I say goodbye to many of my bikes… well that’s not entirely true, i am taking all of them. The only 1 that’s staying has already rightly so been left at Calvin Center. We left there over a month ago and appropriately left it in the woods. This was my ‘camp bike’ my ‘beater bike’. But it’s there hidden for you to find if you so wish. Hopefully adding to the other legends and stories at Calvin Center that include The Secret Tree, & ‘Will’s bike’ also hidden in the woods somewhere (i know where), or the ‘4th Tree’, mysteriously shaped like the # 4.

Anyways, lots of goodbyes to stuff for a few months. They say it will take about 60 days to get to NZ. Leaving from Charleston SC, down the coast, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific Ocean to NZ. We aren’t taking everything, because it’s REALLY expensive to do this. However lots of items for adventure and exploring. Because ultimately that’s what Robin & I are doing… we are going on an adventure.

On another note, i have often found many parallels between Adventure Racing (AR) and Life, and Faith. This process in the past few days has been one of them.

The reality is that moving, packing, boxing up, taping up stuff, padding things for safety (You should see how much bubble wrap is around my surf ski!!!) takes a long time and it is very over-whelming at times. Sounds like AR. Often when you start a section in an AR race you have no idea how long it will take (personally i like to either over-estimate, so i can be pleasantly surprised or know not to ask whoever is navigating so i don’t flip out when i here “… oh about 18hours” or “…take enough food for 36hrs”. Preparing the boxes etc is the same. You have no idea how long it will take, and don’t want to ask or over-estimate so that you will be surprised if you get done early.

You just have to keep going, and moving forward. Packing and AR, similar in many ways… who would have thought.

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