Check that off the list

In the past 29hrs we made a very quick trip to Charleston SC. We drove down thursday morning, after waking up at a B&B that we stayed at Wednesday night as my gift to Robin for her birthday.

We went to Charleston because Robins Aunt Garnette has bought her beloved Honda Element and so we had to deliver it…. very brief road trip. The trip down was lame b/c we had to drive separate vehicles of course, but the trip back today was together in the only vehicle we own now… my truck. We had a great time with Garnette & Brian and Caitlin.

Now there was another opportunity to this whole trip to Charleston also. Charletson is near the ocean, & ocean mean fun, and fun means take the surf ski. So we did. We got there early enough yesterday that i paddled last night right around sun set and this morning. Woo-hoo. Finally got to take my ski out on the ocean. It was a blast, out in the wave, playing. Water wasn’t too cold either. cold enough for a wetsuit and paddle jacket though.

Back in Raleigh now. Tomorrow driving about an hour to do a 14mile trail run race. Ouch, this might hurt. Then need to really start condensing things down as we pack and hopefully decide what company to use to ship our stuff, which could be gone as early as next wednesday for the many day journey across the world to NZ.

Photos below are from our B&B joint and the beach… of course.



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