Month: July 2013

A wee bit closer

While we still continue to have small aftershocks it appears to be returning to normal. A report was released today announcing (that said we just had a 4.0 as i type this post) anyways as i was saying a report released today announced that… Continue Reading “A wee bit closer”

Here’s what we got

Here is a screen shot of the past few hours. Blenheim, while not listed is essentially where Grovetown is.

Stealing all the limelight

Perhaps you have seen some reports about the quakes down here, and from what we have seen its mostly been centered around Wellington, our capital. Well time for the little guy to fight back. The epicenter of the quakes was a lot closer to… Continue Reading “Stealing all the limelight”

About to go & try sleeping

Its time to go to bed here. Not sure what that will look like tonight. In the past 1hour there has been about 27 quakes on the fault that we are nearest. Many are small and we don’t feel, others we certainly do. If… Continue Reading “About to go & try sleeping”


Now we just had 6.2 they are getting bigger… Yikes

How many fault lines?

This is a pic of how many fault line run through central NZ. Blenheim is almost straight west of that red dot. And this is only central NZ.