Stealing all the limelight

Perhaps you have seen some reports about the quakes down here, and from what we have seen its mostly been centered around Wellington, our capital. Well time for the little guy to fight back. The epicenter of the quakes was a lot closer to us here in Blenheim than Wellington. However Wellington has to go and steal all the limelight.

Go and get your own earthquakes Wellington! These quakes belong to us. Being our capital i’m sure enough bad news comes out of there anyway.

That said we have survived another day and the “experts” say we are less and less likely to have a big one now as we move away in time from the big 3-4 we have had in the past 72hrs. That said… I DONT BELIEVE THEM… and really doubt if they know what they are talking about.

Robin & I were awoken in the middle of the night by a few big ones, you lie there and wait, trying to figure out if we needed to jump out of bed and dive under the door frame. You play this game almost of waiting to see if its going to get bigger, almost like chicken… i hope we win every time. And one cannot do diving for cover every time there is a shake because they are quite literally every few minutes, many we don’t feel (however robin seems to sense more than i do) and they are all from the same fault line. There have been 100’s of them since Friday morning.

For example this afternoon i was at a meeting on the 4th floor of the central Police station here in Blenheim and there was a significant aftershock. And before you ask, it was a legit meeting, i wasn’t being arrested or held in custody. That would be the basement of the Po Po station. It did feel erie to be up there in a building that was swaying for about 45 seconds.

Several buildings around town have been closed for inspection, and i feel bad for many people who moved here from Christchurch in the past 2 years to escape their dramas of earthquakes.

Life almost carries on, we have a series of small shakes then a big jolt an you can tell how bad it was as the sirens for the fire department might start a few moments later. Out in God’s wonderful creation photos are filtering in landslides, slips and big rock falls. I saw some pic of some massive sea cliffs about 30mins from here falling into the ocean on Sunday evening as the sun was setting.
Here is a link to it.

We are off to the mountains this weekend to do some alpine climbing, interested to see what we can find up there as a result of this past few days. Can assure you we will have some sweet pics.

Thanks for prayers and thoughts, we are doing fine.

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