Month: March 2017

What the world needs now is….

Today as we walked along the concourse to our flight from raleigh we wanted to give Moana as much opportunity to walk as we would be sitting a lot. She loves to walk and has been a walking/hiking machine this past week.  As we… Continue Reading “What the world needs now is….”

In case you were wondering

We have 3 more sleeps left in the USA. 2 in Raleigh and 1 in California. Many of you have wondered about coming to NZ. Well, here’s an incentive… In case you were wondering…

From Dust You Came &…

Today we did something very meaningful and something that the likes of will never be seen again in the town of Lucama, NC. You see Lucama is where Robin’s, McClenny side of the family are from. Her father was born and raised there and… Continue Reading “From Dust You Came &…”

Running for nerds

Today was another sunny day in Raleigh… woo hoo. However there was a brief storm with hail around sunset last night…. WEIRD. However part of this wonderful day today was that I got to go do an orienteering race. One of my favorite physical… Continue Reading “Running for nerds”

Someone’s Happy

Finally made it to Raleigh yesterday later afternoon. After leaving Slippery Rock at 5am I drove out of the cold and snow and into the sunshine. I broke up my trip with a run at Pilot mountain State Park. Which was good for my… Continue Reading “Someone’s Happy”

Then there was 1

Robin & Moana left Pittsburgh this morning. They are gone. They are in Raleigh NC until we all leave the US together on 3/29. It was quite the load they had, between 2 suit cases, a jogging stroller & car seat. That leaves me… Continue Reading “Then there was 1”

Not too much more of this

This was our view Saturday morning as we woke up at camp, our home for the past few weeks and mine for about another 11 days.  We are living in one of cottages and are able to spread out. It is fun living back… Continue Reading “Not too much more of this”