Month: July 2013

But hey at least…

The weather is fine. We are having some mint days rights now, chilly in the am, some frosts and as low as lows 20sF but the day that unfolds afterwards is amazing. Yesterday and friday had some cool adventures. Between Blenheim and Picton where… Continue Reading “But hey at least…”

And …

Well we continue to shake this morning we were awoken by a 5.8 quake the strongest yet. This had us scrambling for the door frame to shelter for a few moments. According to the govt website here we have had about 12 in the… Continue Reading “And …”


We just had a 5.7 earthquake!!! Wow biggest one I’ve felt in a long time. At work guiding in picton. building & waterfront shaking like crazy


This is brief, but had a funny moment this morning when running up in the hills behind where we live. They are very close and find i can be running up hills after about 7mins of running… amazing! Anyways there i was making my… Continue Reading “Noooooooooo”

“True Adventure doesn’t begin…

…Until things start going wrong”. Someone one said this and this past weekend is no exception. Not that anyone got hurt, or died. However we didn’t get anywhere close to what we had intended to do. That said you have to start with a… Continue Reading ““True Adventure doesn’t begin…”

Weather and Whanau

This weekend we have whanau coming into town. Which translated means family in our native language. Namely our only nephew and one of my sisters, louise. The plan (which we made a long time ago) was to spend 3 days sea kayaking in the… Continue Reading “Weather and Whanau”

Just 5 Mins Before

Well winter has really arrived in NZ. The days are short, the nights are long and its cold. We have had a few southerly storms come through that shoot a lot of bad weather out of the Antarctic, yes i did say the Antarctic.… Continue Reading “Just 5 Mins Before”