Just 5 Mins Before

Well winter has really arrived in NZ. The days are short, the nights are long and its cold. We have had a few southerly storms come through that shoot a lot of bad weather out of the Antarctic, yes i did say the Antarctic. While we haven’t had snow here in Blenheim we could drive 10 mins up the road and find some. Most of that has melted now but higher up there is a lot. That said it is very beautiful and enticing.

We have had a busy few weeks, and we have been here 6 months now. WOW how time flies. So naturally one takes a moment to reflect. I hope to do that over the come days and weeks. Firstly i will make no secret about it, it hasn’t been easy being here. While we are surrounded by all this beauty and wonderful opportunities for recreation etc. On other levels it has really slowed us down and allowed us to look inward and more at each other… not that either of us have a problem with that.

We brought over our TV, but it just sits here, we haven’t signed up for cable or satellite service and to be honest don’t really miss it. We have the internet and that more than allows us to get by. The TV sits there like a big ornament. We are enjoying spending more time together as we think, reflect and pray as to what is next beyond here, however still taking in the moment of here. A few weeks back i think i called it ‘exiled in paradise’.

I do miss coffee shops being open after 5pm, while there are numerous here in Blenheim, after 5pm… FORGET IT!!! But if thats the worst it gets then so be it.

Since i wrote we have continued to have many adventures. We just got back from Christchurch. Robin was down there for a conference (funnily enough at a camp i use to go to with my family for church family camp) I was out for about 9 days straight guiding a school group for 4 days then a 5 day guided walk on the queen charlotte trail. After that i flew from Blenheim to Christchurch (my home) to meet Robin and spend a few days with family. Yes i said flying. Blenheim airport is quite the experience. i honestly have to say that it is the smallest airport i have EVER flown in or out of. Then compare this to my diet Atlanta/Hartsfield-Jackson where last week i literally showed up 5 mins before my flight and got on my plane, no security, no annoying TSA, no long lines and only 2 gates. Now as for the actual plane, i felt as though they wound up a rubber band and pointed the plane and away we went. i’m quite certain i have jumped out of bigger planes. This part of our life i enjoy.

We had a great time in CHC, Cora came with us (who is settled and loving it here) she especially enjoys chasing sheep and the neighborhood cats. Robin & I had a day in the mountains while in CHC, running etc and also took in a big Super Rugby game where my team the Crusader dealt to the Chiefs (the current champs) right before the playoffs. woo-hoo.

More soon.

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